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Geoffrey Knott

Thanks, Mike, for your help and warning. We've now got a system up and running that's a slight change from our original plan. Since I'm retired and have more time than my son for research, I do all the recording in Family Historian, which I back up frequently to Google Drive (as well as to my two external hard drives). He can then download the latest zipped backup file and unzip it into his Family Historian; and if he finds anything that needs adding or amending, he can email details to me for inputting.

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On 27/12/2020 10:26, Mike Tate wrote:

When you set up Google Drive it should create a Google Drive folder which by default exists in your Documents folder in exactly the same way as OneDrive and Dropbox.

That …\Documents\Google Drive\ folder is a normal folder in Windows File Explorer.

It sounds like you have uploaded your Project to the Google Drive cloud store but not installed the Google Drive app on your PC which creates the Google Drive folder.

See the FHUG Knowledge Base Synchronising Family Historian between 2 PCs:

The Google Drive section describes the process.


Both you and your son will have to use the same Google Drive account.

However, as Neil says, you must ensure that only one of you runs FH on that Project at the same time.


You must consider how to manage your Projects.

Usually, the File > Project Window > Location would be changed to refer to:

…\Documents\Google Drive\Family Historian Projects

So ALL your Projects would exist in Google Drive.

Similarly, your son would do the same.

So you would both have access to ALL of each other's Projects.

I suspect that is not going to be acceptable bearing in mind the restriction of not running FH on the same Project at the same time.


So, you would both probably need to keep your Project Location where it is now.

Then copy the Project to and from Google Drive as required.

That would also avoid the problem of FH running at the same time.

However, you would need to manage which of you updates the Project, but you must be handling that already when exchanging memory cards.


If anything is still not clear then do ask again.

Mike Tate


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Hi all,

Having seen recent threads about accessing a FH Project via two computers (whether both are owned by one person, or each by two collaborating individuals), I decided to try and share my main project with my son in this way, which would be more convenient that swapping copies via memory cards as we live some 70 miles apart. We each have our own computer and each have our own copy of Family Historian V7. I decided against Onedrive and Dropbox - the two cloud storage systems mentioned in the threads - because of the limits on free storage (I didn't want to pay for extra cloud storage without being sure that the idea would work), and instead went for Google Drive, which allows sufficient space for my 5gb main project.

I successfully uploaded all the files in the project folder, and I know they are there because I can see them via both my laptop and my mobile phone. I gave Drive my son's email address as a person to have access, and sent him the message via Drive to tell him that, and he tells me that he received the message.

The problem is that neither he nor I can access the uploaded project. I can't get it to show in my projects list: that only shows the projects (including the same one) stored on my computer. And I can't find a path via File Explorer to Google Drive, which I can only access via my Google account, and which does not seem to support the use of FH.

Can anybody please advise. Have I missed a step somewhere, or is the whole idea unworkable and misconceived on my part?

Thanks in advance.


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