Re: Upgrading to FH7 - licence key

Deirdre Leigh

Thanks Mike, i did check if it was ok to do the trial before upgrading (i’d asked santa for the upgrade!) and it seemed ok. No worries, i’ll contact Calico Pie in the new year. 

Thanks again, 


On Sat, 26 Dec 2020 at 13:47, Mike Tate <post@...> wrote:

Yes, you have snookered yourself.

Installing the FH V7 trial has overwritten all the FH V6 details.

So there is no FH V6 installation from which to retrieve your licence key.

You cannot revert to the FH V6 installation because you don’t know the installation licence key.

So you are now stuck on FH V7 and will have to ask Calico Pie to find your licence key as explained in the FHUG Knowledge Base for Licence Problems:

That may not happen until after the Christmas/New Year holidays.

It only works if you bought FH V6 from Calico Pie and not on a CD, in which case you must find the boxed set.

If you cannot find the licence key you will have to pay full price.


Mike Tate



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Subject: [family-historian] Upgrading to FH7 - licence key


Hi, I've followed the instructions online Lost Licence Key – Family Historian 7 ( and on the FHUG group to get my licence key from FH6 but I'm not getting the INFO box pop-up. Is this because I've downloaded the FH7 trial (I get the message about it being a trial and when it ends or buy now) but if i press ok it just takes me to open a project. 


I have created an account so have a username and password. 


Any ideas?  Thanks. 




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