Re: Probate / Will Entries

Adrian Bruce

On Fri, Dec 25, 2020, 13:09 John Hanson <john.hanson@...> wrote:

Letters of Administration really should be a separate entity as it is a different process

The wording needed for the two are totally different and much easier to have two different events

Except don't forget that there is a third option - Letters of Administration with Will attached - usually when the nominated Executors cannot do the job, or decline to do so. And to confuse matters even more, the grant of probate to me refers to powers to "Administer" the estate! 

You are perfectly correct that it is tricky to get a form of words in a narrative report, so I might bottle out by adding, "This Probate was actually an Admon" in the Note. Or even replace the constructed narrative sentence by the suitably expanded Note.

I have yet to work out a way of easily setting it out so that you can include the value of the estate which of course is not included in the very latest probate cases

I use a separate Fact for the estate value, precisely because of those difficulties.

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