Probate / Will Entries


When recording a Will there are generally 2 possible relevant dates.
The date the will was written, and the date that Probate was granted.
I was wondering how people made use of these dates.
In some cases the contents of the will may be informing for several people at different times.
Obviously for the deceased the the date of Probate fits best.
However, if the will was written a number of years prior to death, there may be information that could/should be recorded against another individual.
1847 John Doe Dies and Probate is granted and I would attach the will to him using Probate Tag
However, the will was drawn up in 1843 (4 years before his death)
In the will John refer's to his son-in-law as a widower.
This informs us that John's daughter has died prior to 1843.
In this case I would attach a copy of the will to John's daughter using the Will Tag as it gives me a latest possible date for the daughter's death. 
Does this make sense, or do people use a different method.
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