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Brian Horridge


I created a Custom Attribute which I called "Certs" and I use letters to denote if I have any of the GRO BMD certs (using letters 'B','M','D') and other key Church events (using 'C' for Christening, 'P' for Parish Marriage entry and 'X' for Burial record).   I only use 6 letters but there's no reason it could not be used to easily denote other events.  

I found the advantage of doing it this way was that it only took up a single line in diagrams and had the flexibility to record duplicated events (3x'P' where someone married 3 times etc).   Also, it's a single Gedcom Fact instead of possibly a large number where each "thing" has it's own Gedcom Fact so therefore lessens the file size.

I'm sure a Plugin could be written to automatically generate the values when starting from scratch with a large file.


On 24/12/2020 10:43, John Hanson wrote:

I have been reading up on record flags and have used them ever since the beginning for many things – however I can’t find the answer to the question I have.


So far in FH I have used these flags to record things like the census or for checking data and all of these are what I term as ON/OFF – so Y/N flags


However, I am about to move my large (35,000) people database back from TMG to FH and with TMG you can have multiple values to a flag


So I have a moved to flag – which records A-Australia, C-Canada, U-USA, S-South Africa, Z-New Zealand – you get the idea

Now I could create separate flags for each and was wondering what others did


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