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Robert Jordan

It finally worked. You might be interested to know I managed to delete 1217 redundant place records
Rob Jordan


On Tue, 22 Dec 2020 at 18:13, Lorna Craig via <> wrote:

Sorry, yes it's 'Delete Listed Records'. 

On 22/12/2020 17:50, Robert Jordan wrote:
Update I managed to find the list pane it was hidden in the extreme right of the records screen. The question now is do I use the command "Empty List" as you said or "delete listed records"

Robert Jordan


On Tue, 22 Dec 2020 at 17:00, Lorna Craig via <> wrote:

Mike, I checked before sending my post and the Lat/Long column is there by default, so Robert shouldn't need to add it himself.

On 22/12/2020 16:43, Mike Tate wrote:

In the Records Window on the Places tab use Lists > Configure Records Window Columns…

Select <Other…> on the left and click > to add it.

Set Heading to Lat/Long and Expression to _PLAC.LATLONG and OK out.

Now you can click on the Lat/Long column heading and then the Links column heading to bring all unlinked Places with no Lat/Long together.


In a Places Query use a similar Columns expression for Lat/Long and another for =LinksTo() that provides the count of links to the Place.

The Result Set can be similarly sorted to bring unlinked Places with no Lat/Long together.


Finally, via either method follow the KB advice for Delete One or Many Records

i.e. Select all the ones to be deleted and add them to a Named List that has a delete all records option.


Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Robert Jordan
Sent: 22 December 2020 15:50
Subject: [family-historian] Removing unlinked Place records


During a conversation on a differnt topic I raised the following issue and was advised to create a new topic so here it is.

The issue is that I had deleted Record facts from particular people in the belief that the whole fact would be deleted . This wa a wrong assumption on my part as I have now been informed that if a fact record is deleted the place record remains in the system and unlinked from any record.

Many years ago long before FH introduced a facility for research I developed a very simple and effective method of recording research. It involved setting up a new fact “Research” which was pre-birth. So if I came across a document on which I needed to do more research on before entering the information in the record I would add the research fact to the Individual record and enter for example the research required “1871 census” and the full address in the place field together with any note in the note field.

A simple query would then produce a list of all the people who had a research fact. When the research was completed for an individual I would delete the research fact. What I had not realised is that the whole fact was not deleted but the place record was still retained even though it was unlinked.

Recent events have prompted me to look at the place records and I find 100s of unlinked place records. Some of them have map coordinates but most do not. It will take me a long time to go through them deleting those with no map coordinates as it is not possible to list them as no link and no map coordinates and creating a query would not work as there seems to be no column for number of links.

I do not wish to get involved in an argument about whether these unlinked records should be automatically be deleted however if the map coordinates field causes a problem the algorithm could be along the lines

Delete places record IF no of links is 0 AND map coordinates field is empty.

Alternatively for those of us who do not want the clutter of unwanted place records would it be possible to introduce a function in working with place records to delete unlinked records along the lines described above so that Users are at least given a choice and any unlinked place record with map coordinates is retained. It would be possible to add other fields to the algorithm such as media and notes


Robert Jordan

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