Re: using ancestor or descendant diagrams in creating CD version

Graham Kent


The creation of "Books" and "CDs / DVDs" within FH7 differs only in the way the final item is produced (i.e. printed or saved to disc). In fact, the process (within the program) is the same until the final choice - Print or Save to disc.

As a result of that first comment, I would ask you to look at the Sample Project provided with the program and have a look at the book called "The Munros in the 20th Century" { on the top bar - Publish - Books & Booklets }. PLEASE tick the "two pages" box on the right hand menu. As you scroll down, you will see a "Fan Diagram" on page 11 and a chart on page 15 & 16. This confirms that you CAN use "Charts" (that's the FH name for saved Diagrams), but there are practical limitations (e.g. page / screen size).

To get a better understanding of what can be achieved, please take a look at the Help file starting at "Workspace 6: The Book Window".

Hope this helps,

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