Re: Source > Text from Source > Property Box - Can you fix the Box Sizes?

Victor Markham


I would like to say that if you use AS you transcribe details of the census onto there. If you then do a narrative reporrt the transcribed details will appear on there as well as the image


On 22/12/2020 10:57 am, Adrian Bruce wrote:

On Tue, Dec 22, 2020, 09:50 colevalleygirl@... <colevalleygirl@...> wrote:

I’d argue it isn’t a waste of time to transcribe the census. It may take some time to puzzle it out, in which case you’ll only want to do it once rather than scowl at the image every time; 

If I were starting out now, with the ability to transcribe in proper tables, I'd possibly come to a different conclusion, but I ran into serious problems trying to legibly transcribe the later, many columned, US censuses and decided to simply attach the scan (to the Source Record, I hasten to add). I take exactly Helen's points though - any dodgy bits of text are individually transcribed by me into the Text From Source for that citation against that fact to avoid multiple reading attempts (note that I'm a Method 1 Splitter) while I hope that my working practices lead me to read every column on a census even without transcription prompting me. 

My usual caveat - for various reasons, some purely historical, I don't use AS.


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