Re: Location glitch in FH7 Maps

Mike Tate


As you have found it is important to include the country for all Place names.

Otherwise, how do auto-geocoders know where to look?


The Map Window deliberately does not automatically geocode just because you have changed the Place name.

If you had carefully set the Lati/Longitude and then made a small Place name change you would be most upset if it geocoded the Lati/Longitude to somewhere else.


Right-click the Place/Event in left-hand pane of Map Window and choose Geocoding > Remove Geocoding and then repeat with Refresh Geocoding


Mike Tate



From: <> On Behalf Of Helen Dignum via
Sent: 21 December 2020 21:05
Subject: [family-historian] Location glitch in FH7 Maps


When using the new Maps function in FH7, it locates a number of my savided locations in the USA. Eg Chatham, Kent ,  or Holy Trinity Church, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire  locate to the USA.
If I edit the locations in FH, to add England at the end, the Map location does not automatically change, unless I delete the corresponding Latitude and Longitude , at which point it does update the map locator icon.

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