Re: Source > Text from Source > Property Box - Can you fix the Box Sizes?

David Potter

Thank you Trevor. I appreciate your reply and have read before this is your preferredĀ method. I want to do it this way to exploit all the new features. Individual Links, Rich Text formatting such as colour highlighting. Etc. Also going about it my way strikes a higher level of analysis in my opinion. I'm also using AS7 so it is not that heavy in terms of data entry.



On Tue, 22 Dec 2020, 09:37 Trevor Rix, <trevor@...> wrote:
I am wondering -- why are you transcribing the census? If you download the census image and link that image to the individials concerned, all you have to do is Property Box > Media tab > select the census thumbnali > click the green circle to Open in Editor/Player to display the census image full screen. No time wasted in transcribing the census.

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