Re: New problem with MyHeritage service on Family Historian 7


It seems like there are two different notifications people are receiving, but both with the same effect.  One is "MyHeritage service has stopped", which is referred to on FH's web page, and the other is "MyHeritage service is temporarily unavailable", the link for which takes you to the same FH web page - I've been getting the latter notification ever since I upgraded to FH7.  That said, the first thing I noticed when I opened FH7 this morning was that no notification had appeared, but clicking on various hints still showed "MyHeritage searching..." (in black), until I clicked on another and it showed the more familiar "MyHeritage matches (pending)" link (in green), which opened MH in a new tab in my browser and listed the pending matches for that individual.

Returning to FH7, I noticed  that the hints were now flickering and that the numbers on them were rapidly updating at random across the screen.  Clicking on those that had previously showed "MyHeritage searching..." I found that they had changed to "MyHeritage matches (pending)".  Opening each of my projects in turn, I found that, after a few minutes, the MyHeritage hints began updating.

I should mention that, even though I'm a OneDrive user, I hadn't followed any of the advice given in the solution offered by FH, in fact I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, the problem just righted itself - I appreciate that this won't come as any comfort to those who are still experiencing it.  Of course, it remains to be seen whether the glitch returns at a later date.

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