Re: Using Search & Replace causes Text from Source issues with Individual Links

Adrian Bruce

OK - I probably didn't need to add my reply above, I see now, but just
to refer to the auto deletion of unused Place Records, it might be
tempting to say auto-delete if (a) there is no usage of this Place
**AND** (b) there is no "additional information in the Place record ,
such as geocoding, notes or pictures".

However, I believe that would be a mistake - the way I'm working at
the moment with some Irish place names, because it's such a pain to
decide on a standard spelling (Ballymacky or Ballymackey? Rapla or
Raplagh?) I'm doing a bit of batch working, setting up the place names
first so that I can record my self-agreed spellings and then (perhaps)
standardise in the notes as well as the place names using the list in
Place records. So I wouldn't want to have the unused ones

It is, after all, easy enough to find unused Places - just sort on the
usage column and then ponder on manual deletion.


On Mon, 21 Dec 2020 at 11:23, Lorna Craig via
<> wrote:

On the matter of unused Place records not being deleted automatically, I think this is because the designers of FH assume you might want to retain any additional information in the Place record , such as l geocoding, notes or pictures, in case you want to use that Place in the future.

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