Re: Using Search & Replace causes Text from Source issues with Individual Links

David Potter

Hi Mike

Thanks for the quick reply, no problem at all, I just could not see the connection as to why it should upset those Individual Links in the Text from Source. I’m aware of the issue with Place names, I merge the ‘duplicate’ records into the one I want to keep and check thoroughly Rich Text after the update, and the Text from Source where the Place Name also exists. Census facts conveniently inherit the merged Place value as you would expect. I also discovered that the Source Title may need refreshing if Auto Title is on and Location filed has now updated, and Media Titles might also need a refresh if they are aligned with the Source Title by using the Rename Source Media Plug-In.


Let me know once you have checked things out via the Plug-In and if need be I can report it to CP.


Kind Regards


David Charles Potter


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Sent: 19 December 2020 21:25
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Using Search & Replace causes Text from Source issues with Individual Links


Hi David,

Sorry about that problem.

That change is more complicated than you realise for two reasons.


Firstly, changing a Place name has a major impact on its Place record.

Changing the Place name in any Fact causes a new blank Place record to be created.

The old Place record potentially with Lat/Longitude, Notes, Media, etc, becomes unlinked.

Check the Records Window on the Places tab and you’ll find both entries for Panteg, Nr Pontypool.

This happens whether you use the Edit > Find and Replace… command or the Search and Replace plugin, although the plugin does have a special mode that circumvents the problem.

Despite a special FAQ, users fall into the trap, so I plan to add some warnings & advice to a plugin popup message when a user attempts to change Place names.


Secondly, it is becoming clear there are problems when a plugin updates a ‘rich text’ Note or Text From Source field, as is happening here, and links can get upset.

So I need to investigate whether that is a mistake in my plugin or a bug in FH v7.


For the time being, you need to undo the changes.

If you have closed FH then it is too late to use Edit > Undo Plugin Updates.

So use File > Backup/Restore > Revert to Snapshot… and choose a Snapshot Taken just before running the plugin. That will revert to the GEDCOM automatically saved on that date.


I can only apologise, but these new ‘rich text’ features are a challenge to plugin authors.


Mike Tate




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Sent: 19 December 2020 17:23
Subject: [family-historian] Using Search & Replace causes Text from Source issues with Individual Links


Hi All


Can anyone throw some light on this issue, maybe with a work around.


I want to make a minor change to a Place detail, EG Panteg, Nr Pontypool, Torfaen, Monmouthshire, Wales. I want to change to Panteg, Nr Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales, therefore dropping the word Torfaen.

So I use Search and Replace and afterwards I notice the Individual Links in the Text from Source are now underlined with a dotted line, meaning the link has lost its focus Individual. If I click on the dotted links no Individual is found.


Is this a bug, or is there some work around or setting in Search & Replace that will prevent this issue. I can’t follow why changing Place details, and related Text would destroy this particular feature.


Thank You.


Kind Regards


David Charles Potter


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