Re: Marriage Sentence

Mike Tate

Why not just enable Spouse Family Notes in the Report Options?

If you are using FH v7 and ‘rich text’ Notes then the formatting will be retained that way.


If you include the Notes in a Sentence Template then that formatting is lost.

The data reference you need is also complicated by multiple Family partnerships.

Which Family Note do you want? The Note for the 1st Spouse Family, the 2nd Spouse Family,…?

{%CUR_PRIN.FAMS[1]>NOTE2%} for 1st partnership

{%CUR_PRIN.FAMS[2]>NOTE2%} for 2nd partnership

{%CUR_PRIN.FAMS[3]>NOTE2%} for 3rd partnership


All that assumes you are using an Individual fact and not a Family fact such as Marriage or Divorce.

Mike Tate


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Not being able to find the right code to insert the Spouse Family Notes in a custom sentence. Can anyone help?
I tried with no success:




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