New problem with MyHeritage service on Family Historian 7


Six days ago I upgraded the copy of Family Historian on my desktop computer from 6.2 to 7, and for the first five days all worked perfectly. This morning I received the notification "MyHeritage service is temporarily unavailable" with a hyperlink invitation to "Learn more..." in a small popup window on my screen. The hyperlink leads to, which contains only the word "Notification" in large type between the navigation menu at the top of the screen and the grey region containing links for Additional Information, Share this, and Recent Posts, in the lower part of the screen.

This means that although I am still getting automatic internet data matching for Findmypast, with the usual message "Findmypast matches..." and a number, and with a working hyperlink, all I get for MyHeritage is "MyHeritage searching...".

I have tried making sure that I am still logged in to MyHeritage, with which I have an account. As far as I can tell, I am.

The situation is more complicated than it may seem. I run Family Historian on Linux (currently Debian), using Wine, and have done so since version 4 of FH. One consequence (I assume) of this is that the Web Search Window in Family Historian is not reliable - so, for example, clicking on the log-in link for MyHeritage in that window has no effect whatever - and so I have always viewed it and Findmypast using an external browser instead.


It would be very nice to get automatic internet data matching back for MyHeritage. It still works on my ancient laptop, on which I have not updated Family Historian to version 7, but it would be a nuisance running the desktop and the laptop next to each other. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the data matching back that do not involve me having to procure a computer with Windows? I do appreciate that this is likely to be rather a niche problem, but any suggestions would be gratefully received.

John Gibson.

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