Re: Version 7 Installation

Lorna Craig

The important point is that once the files have been changed and downloaded to the laptop you must not open the files using V6 on the laptop.  So you must install V7 on the laptop as soon as the files have been changed.

As an extra precaution, before installing V7 on either computer you could use the Project window in V6 on the laptop to change the location where FH is looking for your projects, so that if you do inadvertently open V6 on the laptop after the files have been changed it won't find the projects and can't do any harm.    Then once V7 is installed on the laptop change the location back to the correct path.


On 18/12/2020 21:51, Bob Brown wrote:

My apologies if this has been raised before, but I cannot recollect seeing it.


I keep all of my FH files in Dropbox so that they can be accessed from both PC and laptop (not at the same time!).  If I load V7 on the PC, I assume there will be some changes to the files in Dropbox.  These will then automatically be uploaded to Dropbox and downloaded to the laptop.  What impact will these changed files have on loading V7 onto the laptop and should I take any precautions? (apart from having up-to-date backups which, incidentally, are not kept in Dropbox).



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