Citation Window-related Problems in FH7

Irene Peters

Dear All,

I have seen two problems with FH7 and am wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior:

1. In the Property Window (which I customized), I get a repeatable error message when I enter information into the data fields for 'Occupation', 'Religion', 'Birth', 'Death' and maybe others. The error occurs after I enter the respective information/data and then hit the button for 'Paste Citation from Source Clipboard' (to fill the 'Source for...' space with a previously copied citation). A window pops up with an error message 'No data to add a citation to'. But the field is filled with data. I then have to exit out of the error msg window by hitting OK, and then repeat the action 'Paste Citation from Source Clipboard'. That second time works every time, just the first time generates the error message, also every time. This was not how FH6 behaved and while it is not critical, it is a bit annoying.

2. When the new, separate Citation Window is open and I click the top right 'x' to close it (for example because it is in the way of seeing what is underneath), it sometimes happens that the entire program quits unceremoniously. No warning, no offer to save, just closes and that's that. I cannot say that this happens reliably every time, but I have now experienced this probably 3 times since using FH7.

Thank you much.

Irene Peters

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