Re: FH7 stand alone

Mike Tate


Did you not see all the other postings on this topic?

FH updates/upgrades always overwrite the previous installation but FH v7.0 makes more changes than most.

You can keep FH v6.2 on one PC and install FH v7.0 on another PC but they can’t share anything.

You can migrate the FH v6.2 Projects and Settings to FH v7.0 but there is no easy way back.


The Export Gedcom File plugin allows FH v7.0 Projects to be exported in FH v6.2 format.

But the only sure way of getting back to FH v6.2 is with Full Project Backups AND the Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings plugin backups.


Your last suggestion will certainly result in carnage.


Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Kath Liddell
Sent: 17 December 2020 12:21
Subject: [family-historian] FH7 stand alone


I have paid for and downloaded a full version of FH7, not the upgrade, thinking I would be able to install on my computer without affecting the original version FH6.2.7. On a second laptop, on installation, the program detects the previous version and overwrites without providing an option to preserve FH6.

I would like to install FH7 as a pristine version without affecting my FH6 system and then perhaps import the FH6 gedcom later. Is it possible to do that?

What would happen if I unstinstall FH6, then install FH7, then re-install FH6 as well ? I'm guessing that would create carnage. Am I missing something?


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