Re: "How to" Missing and unknown dates

Adrian Bruce

On Tue, Dec 15, 2020, 19:54 Lester Gilbert <lg11@...> wrote:
...  It takes various actions if it sees "c", or "?", or "approx", and so on.  If it doesn't like what it sees it pops quotes around it.  My suggestion is simply that FH does something new and useful if the user enters "nd" into a date field, in addition to all the other very useful things it does with "c", or "?", or "approx", or "cal", ....

The problem there is that what FH generates in those cases matches what's in the GEDCOM specification. And there's nothing in the GEDCOM specification for "no details / date / whatever". Which makes it trickier.

As you say, if you stick something in the Date that it doesn't recognize, FH will stick quotes round it - which means that it's a Date Phrase, a standard bit of GEDCOM. The PITA for me on Date Phrases is that FH v6 will show the quotes round the Date Phrase when printed in a report or diagram. I dislike that and my impression was that you didn't care for it either. 

What I did once ask for was that while Date Phrases should be stored on the GEDCOM with quotes round, as per the specification, a Date Phrase should be displayed (optionally) without the quotes in reports and diagrams. No idea if v7 does this.

If that change were implemented, then you could write "No Details" (without quotes) in the relevant dates, and it would be printed as "No Details" (without quotes) in reports and diagrams - which would seem to be what you want???? If that change were implemented.... 


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