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joan Chopping

On the 'Date Entry Assistant' on the Facts tab, and using the 'Date Phrase' tab I have input 'unknown' against a birth or death fact. The date shows as a line in the Facts list against birth/died, and shows as born/died 'unknown' in the All tab. Also it is also accepted in the GEDCOM 5.5 for transferring data. Not sure about 5.5.1 though but assume it will still work.
Joan Chopping

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If the problem is just with diagrams, you can edit the diagram text scheme to display some text of your own choice if a fact has no data at all. When you edit the line in the text scheme there is a tick box for 'No data' text. If you tick this you can then enter your chosen text in the adjacent field. However this only works if the fact has no data at all. So it won't work if the date is unknown but something else, such as the place, is known.


On 15/12/2020 12:34, Adrian Bruce wrote:
If I understand you correctly, the issue arises when you want to
trigger a line about the event in a diagram or something. In general,
of course, just leaving the date empty is enough to mean "Unknown".
But you still need the Event in the first place.

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