Re: "How to" Missing and unknown dates

Adrian Bruce

I advised using the Facts tab because using the Main tab doesn't work as the software can't tell whether there has been any intention to create an empty entry, or whether it's just a user tabbing through. 

Adding the event on the Facts tab and leaving it empty is recognized. 

As for entering "nd", I'm afraid I must put my standards hat on and say, absolutely not. Dates should contain dates, date ranges or date phrases. Period. Anything else is a hostage to fortune, especially if and when multiple languages get involved. As an example, GEDCOM 5.5 at least, has the ability to put a "Y" somewhere on a Death event to show that, yes, they are dead - in theory, this should not cause an issue as the Y is not in the date or place item. In practice one system interpreted the Y as a place name - and there genuinely is a place in France called Y. Codes, I'm afraid, can easily get misinterpreted, especially across languages.

Use the Fact tab or the All tab and you'll get an empty event as you need. At least, it works in **v6** without any need to clear anything. 

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