Re: New computer AND stay with version 6

Mike Tate

OK, that makes things easier.


If you have mislaid the installation download file you bought, then you can download the Family Historian 6 (30-Day Free Trial) from:


As well as the licence key (which you should not have published here) you need your licence name.

If you have mislaid that, then in FH use Help > About Family Historian… and it should be listed at the top as Registered To.


So on your new computer run the install_fh6.2.7_dl.exe downloaded file.

It will ask for your licence name and your licence key.

I suggest you copy & paste the licence key rather than type it in by hand.


Once FH is running on your new computer return to the FHUG KB steps:


There under Standard Migration Steps it is important to follow each step from 1) to 8).

You have already partly completed steps 2) and 3).

At step 4) you can use your external drive.


Let me know if anything is not clear.


Mike Tate



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It was a full version 'cause I think I was working with a very early version and could only get a complete new version.

Reg. key     000NGD-A8J0Y3-9YJ065-Q4HCHC-AUTPN2-TVU5QY-2RCV6K-HVKF6D


Thanks so much Mike



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