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Sheila Beer

It was a full version 'cause I think I was working with a very early version and could only get a complete new version.
Reg. key     000NGD-A8J0Y3-9YJ065-Q4HCHC-AUTPN2-TVU5QY-2RCV6K-HVKF6D

Thanks so much Mike


On Tue, 15 Dec 2020 at 13:07, Mike Tate <post@...> wrote:

Hi Sheila,

You must install FH v6.2 in much the same way as you did on the old computer.

Was the FH v6 download a full version or an upgrade from FH v5?

You will need the FH v6 licence name and key.

If an upgrade then you need the FH v5 licence name and key and the installation download file too.

Tell us what you have and what is missing and we can take it from there.


Mike Tate


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Hi Guys


I would like to stay using version 6 (which I have installed, and I know the registration key, on the old computer).


So I need to copy the program to my new computer.


My question is how?


I've looked and looked at the info on the FHUG site (I've run/updated the Backup and restore and copied that onto my external drive and installed that onto the new computer).


Can someone tell me (i'm old and definitely not tech minded) in simple terms, one step at a time, how to copy, using my external drive,  the version 6.2.7 programm from old to new computer.   I know that 2 installations per registration no. IS allowed.   I thought about buying a CD version 6 from Amazon but new computer has no CD/DVD drive.  My version six was a download.


Don't get old girls and boys!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much.


Sheila Beer

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