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Be aware I have raised two tickets re TMG import@

  • Links of media to citations and places are not imported as yet although the media is
  • Imports of Census entries create two roles for the P2 person, e.g. P2 and Wife


I am still awaiting a notification as to when these will be fixed before I can move from TMG


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Totally agree with you – if there was a way to retro fit the existing sources I might be inclined to change but have been using FH since version 2 I have nearly 2000 sources and haven’t the time to go back and change them.


I am about to move my TMG database into FH – 35,000 and about 12,000 sources so no way I am changing that lot!


Wish I hadn’t taken it out of FH in the first place but it offered the best path for a good website at the time – if I’d have known then what I know now -------  but then hindsight, etc


New projects will be a different kettle of fish though


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I appreciate the dilemma. I updated as quickly as I could and before all these posts with people having problems. Though obviously some things have changed I am carrying on with the program, using it as I did before and nothing untoward has happened. We all probably use the program in different ways and as far as I'm concerned it does what I want (and 2000% more!). It appears to have been thoroughly tested and if there are serious errors they would have come to light, I'm sure. I'd go for the upgrade with the understanding that the new features are there if you want them and that you will have to spend some time getting to know how to use them if you do.


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I have version 6 of FH and have not upgraded this program before. 


It seems a lot of people are having trouble with the upgrade. I can't tell from the posts  if these are software issues that need a fix or if they are issues caused by errors in the data people have recorded and saved and brought into the new upgraded version or both.


I am wondering if I should upgrade and what to do to avoid problems or wait until more people have tested the new upgrade and a fix if needed added.




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