Re: upgrading to v7

Mike Tate

I suggest you wait a while until the current ‘activity’ has died down.

The problems are mostly software issues, so maybe wait for the first FH update release.

Even if user Projects have unusual data the FH program should cope with it.

Some problems may be due to users being unfamiliar with the upgrade process or experimenting with features they have not explored before. It is surprising how many features users claim are new or work differently when in fact they are identical to FH V6.


Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Karen Hodges
Sent: 15 December 2020 10:38
Subject: [family-historian] upgrading to v7




I have version 6 of FH and have not upgraded this program before. 


It seems a lot of people are having trouble with the upgrade. I can't tell from the posts  if these are software issues that need a fix or if they are issues caused by errors in the data people have recorded and saved and brought into the new upgraded version or both.


I am wondering if I should upgrade and what to do to avoid problems or wait until more people have tested the new upgrade and a fix if needed added.




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