Re: Format Citation in reports.


Hi Mike,
not sure if this will help and I am avoiding attaching screenshots as I understand that this forum doesnt handle them well but obviously can do if it helps.

I have only got the "notes" box ticked and have checked the format as suggested and it shows the same as your note:


This yield a format in the source list on an individual narrative report of:
1. (No text)
Then the citation I have typed in as a note.
Before the upgrade this workaround worked fine.

I tried copying and pasting your custom format and got this as a source on exactly the same report
Note: Baptisms(PR) ...
Then underneath this my note citation.

The Baptisms (PR) bit is actually the start of my citation note.

Hope this helps? I,m clearly doing something wrong but cant quite figure it out and perhaps I just need to go with the new automated system. I,m not being a luddite its just that it took me ages to get my head around citations and sources and I had something working that I understood.

John F

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