Re: "How to" resources for getting started

I’d call her Kitty Smith. Was she baptised? Or (if she was born after Civil Registration) does her birth certificate record a name given after birth?


In any case, you’d record the documents you have as a source for her name (including the birth certificate, as that’s a source for her surname, as well as the fact she wasn’t named when registered).


As you’ve got ESM’s book, you’re probably happy with recording sources and citing them – shout if you aren’t. Simply linking images to an individual has a large number of drawbacks.


On to your big question: where to find this ‘how to’ detail.  You won’t find a single source that provides the info to the nth degree – there are a lot of books that cover the simple issues, but for stuff like this, the best way is to ask on this mailing list or in the FHUG forums.




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Two questions, please.  The little question is how to properly record a person who was not given a name at birth, since they were not expected to live.  Their birth certificate simply records their family name, let's say "Smith".  However, they survived, and were given the nickname "Kitty" for the, ah, sound they made when they sneezed.  In all further documents, such as their marriage, death, and probate, they were noted as "Kitty Smith".  Do I create a FH person record with name (1) "() Smith", (2) "(Kitty) Smith", (3) "(no name) (Kitty) Smith", (4) "No name (Kitty) Smith", (5) "Kitty Smith", (6) "Kitty (no name at birth) Smith", ...?

The big question is where to find this "how to" detail.  I've got the Dummies Guide, but that is about where to find information, nice but not a problem for me.  I've got ESM's "Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian", but that's about referencing, again nice but not a problem for me.  What is the book or on-line resource I need for how to record facts?  Many thanks!

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