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Mike Tate

I admit it is a bit of a stab in the dark, but when FH does not 'recognise' a tag it makes it 'valid' GEDCOM by adding an underscore prefix. So if for some reason the conversion process did not like the FAMC it would become _FAMC. But it is a guess.

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To be honest Mike, if you'll pardon me adding my three pennorth,
**assuming** that the error messages tell the truth, then it's the
that's been detected as in error *first*, and the PEDI lines below have been excluded *as a consequence* of the _FAMC issue. Rather than the other way round as your first thought was.

I would suggest that the record 38545 is the cleanest as that's just a straight "PEDI Adopted", implying both parents have adopted the child.
That ought surely to work no problem - indeed the Sample Project (at least in v6) has FAMC (not _FAMC) and PEDI lines for straight adoption. And yet it's a problem here.

In my 5.5 format file, the _PEDI occurs only when the parents each have a different relationship to the child - e.g. birth mother and step father. But in all cases, it's just a FAMC, not a _FAMC above.

IF IF IF I'm right then it's the "1 _FAMC" that's the cause of the error, rather than the PEDI lines. But how it got to be _FAMC rather than FAMC, I have no idea, other than to say that, given the Sample Project, it can't be a PEDI line that's caused it. Surely.... (I am, of course, assuming that there's nothing seriously awry with the adjacent, omitted lines.)


On Sun, 13 Dec 2020 at 19:33, Mike Tate <> wrote:

To me, that may be an explanation for the broken family relationships.

_FAMC is a Family as Child tag that ties the family together.

I’m guessing that the PEDI & _PEDI (valid) tags have upset the upgrade conversion and treated the FAMC tags as invalid which therefore gain a prefix underscore.

Mike Tate

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