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Adrian Bruce

To be honest Mike, if you'll pardon me adding my three pennorth,
**assuming** that the error messages tell the truth, then it's the
that's been detected as in error *first*, and the PEDI lines below
have been excluded *as a consequence* of the _FAMC issue. Rather than
the other way round as your first thought was.

I would suggest that the record 38545 is the cleanest as that's just a
straight "PEDI Adopted", implying both parents have adopted the child.
That ought surely to work no problem - indeed the Sample Project (at
least in v6) has FAMC (not _FAMC) and PEDI lines for straight
adoption. And yet it's a problem here.

In my 5.5 format file, the _PEDI occurs only when the parents each
have a different relationship to the child - e.g. birth mother and
step father. But in all cases, it's just a FAMC, not a _FAMC above.

IF IF IF I'm right then it's the "1 _FAMC" that's the cause of the
error, rather than the PEDI lines. But how it got to be _FAMC rather
than FAMC, I have no idea, other than to say that, given the Sample
Project, it can't be a PEDI line that's caused it. Surely.... (I am,
of course, assuming that there's nothing seriously awry with the
adjacent, omitted lines.)


On Sun, 13 Dec 2020 at 19:33, Mike Tate <post@...> wrote:

To me, that may be an explanation for the broken family relationships.

_FAMC is a Family as Child tag that ties the family together.

I’m guessing that the PEDI & _PEDI (valid) tags have upset the upgrade conversion and treated the FAMC tags as invalid which therefore gain a prefix underscore.

Mike Tate

From: <> On Behalf Of Victor Markham via
Sent: 13 December 2020 14:19
Subject: Re: [family-historian] FH V7


I am familar with the green circle and have always used it in the past

Before I upgraded I copied V6 to FTM and all the connections are there intact.

Checking my names again I find many more have become isolated even my 2x great grand mother which doesn't even show my 2x great grandfather, her spouse. It just says not directly related!

Checking my images I found these appear to have been removed. They were there when I first posted a message. I was going to look at the error message but all the images appear to have gone.

Guess I will better use the back up version 6 and try to upgrade again. Will do that later.

Here is another error message I got after my upgradel, see attached. I haven't a clue what it means or how to rectify it


On 13/12/2020 1:09 pm, Lorna Craig via wrote:

Victor, please read my previous reply again. What I said was that you can still view the images in your own external photo viewer in exactly the same way as you could with FH6, by clicking the icon which is a green circle with a black triangle in it. I don’t know why you think you can’t.

Regarding the missing links between a few people, absolutely nobody else has reported this problem. They must have been accidentally disconnected either before or after the upgrade, but it certainly wasn’t the upgrade itself which caused it.


From: Victor Markham via
Sent: 13 December 2020 08:22
Subject: Re: [family-historian] FH V7


very name I have used are attached to other names. This has been confirmed when I check them on FTM which I copy from FH tyo FTM now and again. I am able to re attach the names after checking FTM. Thes must have become detached when I upgraded to F7

As you say I can look at the images in FH but these are small sizes and when it comec to census images I have rotated them to a vertical position whiuch is hard to read on the FH viewer. Much better on my photo software as I can totate it back to horizontal. The reason I rotate these is so that when I prnt a narative report they are printed from top to bottom of the page giving it a full view rather than horizonatally across a page in smaller size.


On 12/12/2020 11:20 pm, Lorna Craig via wrote:

Victor, if you have found some 'detached' children they must have been detached in V6 before the upgrade. V7 definitely does not remove any family links! (I say this in case anyone reading this is worried about upgrading having read Victor's post).

Secondly, it is still possible to view images in your own default photo software. The process is the same as it was in V6, using the green circle icon with the black triangle in it. That hasn't changed.


On 12/12/2020 22:56, Victor Markham via wrote:

I have been checking the V7 uograde and have found a number of names have become detached from the family tree links.

I did get a validation report and it listed 7 names of children detached from their parents.

But I have discovered many names are now stand alone that is not on a tree with no oter names to connect it.

Fortunately I have FTM and the names are on there showing the connections. I then put the names it is linked to. This is going to be a lot of work to restore things.

For the record I use FTM to give links to ancestry via the hints. I don't subscribe to either of the hints shown on FH.

I have also found a change oin viewing the images. In V6 when I prompt the images they appear of my photo software and I can view them at any size I want. On V7 that doesn't happen and I can only view them on the FH viewer at a small size


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