Re: FH V7

Lorna Craig

Victor, if you have found some 'detached' children they must have been detached in V6 before the upgrade.  V7 definitely does not remove any family links!   (I say this in case anyone reading this is worried about upgrading having read Victor's post).

Secondly, it is still possible to view images in your own default photo software.  The process is the same as it was in V6, using the green circle icon with the black triangle in it.  That hasn't changed.


On 12/12/2020 22:56, Victor Markham via wrote:

I have been checking the V7 uograde and have found a number of names have become detached from the family tree links.

I did get a validation report and it listed 7 names of children detached from their parents.

But I have discovered many names are now stand alone that is not on a tree with no oter names to connect it.

Fortunately I have FTM and the names are on there showing the connections. I then put the names it is linked to. This is going to be a lot of work to restore things.

For the record I use FTM to give links to ancestry via the hints. I don't subscribe to either of the hints shown on FH.

I have also found a change oin viewing the images. In V6 when I prompt the images they appear of my photo software and I can view them at any size I want. On V7 that doesn't happen and I can only view them on the FH viewer at a small size


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