Victor Markham

I have been checking the V7 uograde and have found a number of names have become detached from the family tree links.

I did get a validation report and it listed 7 names of children detached from their parents.

But I have discovered many names are now stand alone that is not on a tree with no oter names to connect it.

Fortunately I have FTM and the names are on there showing the connections. I then put the names it is linked to. This is going to be a lot of work to restore things.

For the record I use FTM to give links to ancestry via the hints. I don't subscribe to either of the hints shown on FH.

I have also found a change oin viewing the images. In V6 when I prompt the images they appear of my photo software and I can view them at any size I want. On V7 that doesn't happen and I can only view them on the FH viewer at a small size


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