Re: Missing parents in the Focus Window

Tony Leeming

Hello Mike,

Yes, you are right. The parent problem is now corrected - thanks.

I have also looked at sources and there are some duplicates which I assume I should merge.

I also have a few sources with zero citations, should these be deleted?

Thanks again,


On 03/03/2020 17:03, Mike Tate wrote:
Hi Tony,
I suspect you have added the Father as a Child to another Family record that has no Parents.
Yes, that probably arose with the Merge, possibly because you did not review the Families tab closely enough.
It is important when using Merge to check every tab carefully and not just the Individuals tab.
You may find that you have other issues such as duplicated Source records or Media records.

In the Property Box of the Father open the All tab and there should be two Parents family entries.
One will say ...of (parents not known) so expand that entry and check that it is empty.
If so then select that Parents family name and press the Delete key to remove it.

Regards, Mike Tate

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Hello all,

Something has happened that I do not understand and help would be appreciated.

In the Focus Window with the spouses and children tab, for one of my people I get a blank in the two parent boxes above. I thought I must have unlinked him from the rest of the tree but I do not think that is so and a diagram looks right.

I then spotted next to the father's box up and down arrows. Pressing these brings back the parents or removes them. This must surely be due to something I have done but what? Can someone tell me please what it is and how to put it right. I did do a merge at one point at this generation link but everything seemed well until now.

Thanks in anticipation,

Tony Leeming.

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