Re: Upgrade to version 7

Adrian Bruce

On Thu, Dec 10, 2020, 09:10 liz_graydon via <> wrote:
I am going to wait to upgrade until most/all of the problems are ironed out and a good resource of helpful questions and answers are on the Forum.

Me too. There's one strange omission in the Narrative Reports (the ability to start a sentence with a new-paragraph) that is pretty much a show stopper for me, while I'd quite like to see other people's experiences of working with templated sources before I take the plunge - which I do intend to do.

I'm quite IT literate, I thought,

Thirty year career me, so it doesn't scare me....

 I'm still working through the sources to get them consistent.  Maybe I shouldn't bother if the upgrade to 7 is going to change it all anyway.

So far as I understand it, v7 will give me the ability to be prompted to record source information to a greater level of detail, and more consistently than before, for each type of source (whatever I mean by that). For instance, a source type that I've just started using needs 2 dates recording. If I understand correctly, I will be able to set up a specific template for these sources that will enable me to be prompted to record both dates. But it can be my decision to make whether to create my own template, or to use one of the off the shelf styles and have to remember to record both dates. 

I'm writing this to in effect say that I think that you're being sensible to think first. As for whether you should carry on trying to make your stuff consistent, I've no certainty. I don't know myself! One area that you might profitably look at - and this is a bit of a guess - is whether you can easily tell from your current source records, whether your source was the real thing, an image of it, a transcript, a summary or an index. Because those might be important in setting up the new data. Hmm. I think I've just given myself a job, never mind you! 

As I said, I'm just trying to help people to think. (Which helps me as well!)


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