Re: version 6 and version7

Lorna Craig

When you first load a V6 project into V7 the data is converted to a new structure.  All your V6 data is safely retained, but you can't then open the same file in V6 again because the data would become corrupted.  So the answer to the 'vice versa' part of your question is NO, I'm afraid.


On 10/12/2020 13:33, Sheila Beer wrote:

Hi guys

I'm going to purchase a new laptop and my intention is to leave version 6 on my current laptop (so that someone else in the household can use it) and purchase version 7 for the new laptop.

I always make a GEDCOM backup on an external hard drive and a USB stick.   

My question is:-  will I be able to use the GEDCOM file, which I have stored on the external hard drive, on both laptops.      I.E. will a GEDCOM made and/or updated by version 6 work well, and still show all the information that has been input, on version 7 AND vice versa?

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