Re: Upgrade to version 7

Re the new Knowledge Base, we haven’t got all the FH7 content in yet – volunteers to help are more than welcome!




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Sent: 10 December 2020 11:46
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Upgrade to version 7


For those who have been asking about a new manual or a 'How-to' book (which may or may not be produced one day, I have no idea) can I suggest that you make full use of the other resources which are available:

1.  For an overview of all the new features of V7 read "What's New in Version 7" on the FH website:   This introduces all the key new features one at a time, with some illustrations.  There is a lot to take in with the new version, so just concentrate on one feature at a time.

2.  When you are using V7, always look for a Help button in whatever window or small dialogue box you have open.  That will take you to the relevant pages in the FH Help files which explain in greater detail what you can do in the current context.  If there are some you need to refer to frequently, print them out.

3.  Do make use of the new-look Knowledge Base at FHUG:  This has been completely re-written to incorporate advice about all the features of V7 as well as continuing to give advice on earlier versions of FH.  It is much easier to navigate than the old Knowledge Base.   Start by clicking on the blue link How to Use the Knowledge Base so that you can find your way round.  Huge thanks are due to Helen (ColeValleyGirl) and other volunteers who have been working on it tirelessly for months behind the scenes!


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