Re: Upgrade to version 7

Nicola Byrnes

Yes please to a how-to book!


On 9 Dec 2020, at 21:51, Marion Woolgar via <listmail008@...> wrote:

I downloaded Version 7 this morning and I have been using it today on a
duplicate copy of my project file and I am very glad that I did it that way!
I have been using Family Historian since Version 1 and each successive major
upgrade has introduced changes and the move to Version 6 was something of a
major challenge that took me some time to work through. However, the
Version 7 upgrade has left me bewildered by the changes that have been made.
I'm not an IT professional or specialist, I'm just an amateur family
historian of somewhat advancing years.

Most of my customizations to the Record Window, Property Box and Source Box
have disappeared. I have read the "Notes on Upgrading to Version 7" about
restoring Property Box customizations and I was working my way through them
until I reached items marked 1, 2, & 3 which, after telling me what could be
done, then strongly recommended that I don't do it because settings will be
lost somewhere else. I am now completely bemused and confused.

Will Calico Pie be publishing a manual to go with Version 7? I certainly
hope so - and very, very soon!

I have almost 30,000 entries in my main, ONS, Project alone and I have spent
upwards of 18 years entering all my previously held manual records into
Family Historian and I can't risk not being able to find my data now, let
alone the possibility losing track of it completely. I think that I am
going to have to uninstall Version 7 and reinstall Version 6. At least then
I will be able to get on with entering my data until such time as I can get
my head around this. I just hope that I haven't wasted my pension on this

Best wishes,

Marion Woolgar
Bognor Regis, West Sussex

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