Re: We're having email problems on the Family Historian website!

Victor Markham

Thanks Mike

I have just upgraded. I couldn't recall my password and CP emailed a temp password and I have reset my log in details.

Now just have to read the Help imformation which I have printed out to read (7 pages). Will use the file links provided once I have read the print out.

Prhaps I should print out the email with the activation code and file it

I must have started on V3 as I have found the CD. Should I keep it as a souvenir or throw it way that is what I have to decide


On 08/12/2020 10:44 pm, Mike Tate wrote:


I have also been a user since FH V2, and upgraded every version as a download from Calico Pie, but that does not need an account.

Accounts a relatively new, and are not numerical, so like me, you will probably need to create one.

Mike Tate


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