Re: Census Flags on Diagrams (Box Conditions) for missing entries

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I believe miketate has a query for the probably in a given census. I do not know what a Box Condition is.

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Subject: [family-historian] Census Flags on Diagrams (Box Conditions) for missing entries
I'm returning to FH after a long hiatus.  I used to set Flags on Individuals to indicate the presence (or absence) of Census entries.  I know that Box Conditions can be set to show icons where a Census (or more accurately in my case, a Census with a Source Record and associated Media image) can be used instead to indicate the presence of one of these facts by showing an icon.

However, I also used to set Flags to indicate the absence of a fact (e.g. The absence of a Census entry for an Individual in a given year). That helped prevent me going back over research already exhausted.  So, for example, an Individual might have Flags Census71, CensNot81, Census91, CensNot01 ... 

I also had flags to indicate where an Individual was 'probably' in a given Census, but there was some uncertainty as to the identification.

Can anyone suggest a way of using Box Conditions to replicate this?  The only way I can think of is to set up Custom Events to mirror the 'CensNotxx' or 'CensProbxx' Flags, and use Box Conditions on these.

Nothing on the FHUG Downloads and Links ~ Fact Sets page seems to cover it.

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