Re: Census Flags on Diagrams (Box Conditions) for missing entries

Mike Tate

You could, of course, continue using 'CensNotxx' or 'CensProbxx' Flags.


In the 'CensProbxx' cases I assume you have a Census Event with a Source Citation, but its credibility is in doubt.

So perhaps set the Citation Assessment to Questionable and then the Box Condition can test for that.


The 'CensNotxx' cases are more difficult as it is not simply that a Census Event is missing but that your research has drawn a blank.

You could record a Census Event without a Source Citation and the Box Condition can test for that.

The Sentence Template for that specific Event would need to change, perhaps to {blank} to inhibit the sentence altogether.


By using a standard Census Event in both those cases also excludes them from the ‘Lookup Missing Census Facts’ Plugin.


Alternatives include having labelled Notes to indicate Prob and Not cases, or as you suggested custom facts.


Regards, Mike Tate


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Subject: [family-historian] Census Flags on Diagrams (Box Conditions) for missing entries


I'm returning to FH after a long hiatus.  I used to set Flags on Individuals to indicate the presence (or absence) of Census entries.  I know that Box Conditions can be set to show icons where a Census (or more accurately in my case, a Census with a Source Record and associated Media image) can be used instead to indicate the presence of one of these facts by showing an icon.

However, I also used to set Flags to indicate the absence of a fact (e.g. The absence of a Census entry for an Individual in a given year). That helped prevent me going back over research already exhausted.  So, for example, an Individual might have Flags Census71, CensNot81, Census91, CensNot01 ... 

I also had flags to indicate where an Individual was 'probably' in a given Census, but there was some uncertainty as to the identification.

Can anyone suggest a way of using Box Conditions to replicate this?  The only way I can think of is to set up Custom Events to mirror the 'CensNotxx' or 'CensProbxx' Flags, and use Box Conditions on these.

Nothing on the FHUG Downloads and Links ~ Fact Sets page seems to cover it.


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