Re: We're having email problems on the Family Historian website!

Nicola Byrnes


The code is in the email they sent you with the download.

I’m hoping they bring out a new book of instructions too!


On 9 Dec 2020, at 08:00, Neil Grantham via <neil40@...> wrote:

Yes they got inundated with new requests I think.
They are excellent at resolving issues like this. I lost my code a few years ago.
Mine worked on the site last night and applied the discount but I’ve kept it on my basket for now due to the email issues they have. I figured I might not get my new code.
I’ll wait till the warning disappears from the site.

Best Wishes

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From: Robert Jordan
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Subject: Re: [family-historian] We're having email problems on the Family Historian website!

Unfortunately Neil your post is not wholly accurate. Having finally managed to open an account I put my licence name and number in and received a message that the number could not be found. I then contacted FH who admitted that not all numbers were in system. This despite my still having the original email from 2016 containing the number.  I was told to wait 48 hours to try again! Something seems to be seriously wrong

On Wed, 9 Dec 2020, 05:13 Mike Tate, <post@...> wrote:


I have also been a user since FH V2, and upgraded every version as a download from Calico Pie, but that does not need an account.

Accounts a relatively new, and are not numerical, so like me, you will probably need to create one.

Mike Tate


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