Re: Unable to open file and file not found FH6.2

Mike Tate

Sorry that you are having problems with your FH Project.

I’m sure it can be recovered but it would help to have more details about exactly what commands you are using and what the FH displays are showing.


So if for example you are trying to open your Project by clicking on File, then Project Window, selecting your Project name, and finally clicking Open Project, then please supply that detail.

It often helps us if you can attach screenshots to your message, as a picture paints a thousand words.


Some users find it easier to use the FHUG Forums and Knowledge Base instead of this Email service.



Regards, Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of leelegs via Groups.Io
Sent: 23 February 2020 12:04
Subject: [family-historian] Unable to open file and file not found FH6.2


I have used FH6.2 for quite some time, although not in recent months. When I came to access the database recently I could access, if required the Sample Project, but if I wished to access my used database what comes to screen is a square box and on the left-hand side of this box is a red roundel with a X in it. The first line of information in the box says 'Unable to open file' and then there are two more lines of information which I recognise as being the paths via which I ought to be able to access the database, but then the last line says 'File not found'.

In other directories not connected with FH6.2 I do have a couple of versions of my database which I can access. I also have an external back-up facility, but I don't know at what date the last back-up was done - something I must give serious thought to. Is it possible, using either the external back-up facility or one of the versions in my other directories to get the information transported to FH6.2?

I'm not thick, but I am not computer literate as far as the inner workings of paths etc are concerned. I am also 78 years of age - so be gentle with me.


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