Re: Sources and Citations

Adrian Bruce

On Tue, 24 Nov 2020 at 13:24, johnfirr via
<johnfirr@...> wrote:
... the requirements of genealogical referencing do at times conflict with the academic advice. ...
I once saw a rather interesting take on that.

Academics, though perhaps not so much biographers, tend to deal in
bulk and therefore have no interest in citing a specific marriage in a
parish register or a specific schedule in a census. They therefore
have no need to cite at the same level of specificity as family
historians and if they try - well, perhaps they're actually not always
as precise as they might be!!

Even biographers might content themselves with citing a high level
source - if they feel the need to cite Winston Churchill's birth in
1874, I suspect they'd content themselves with citing FreeBMD and not
bother with "Woodstock v.3a p.695" - surely you can find it, they'd
say? Which a number of our fellow list-members will probably agree
with as well! Of course, if you're citing the birth of someone named
John Smith, it's a different matter.

So I wouldn't call it a *conflict* with academic practices - it's a
*difference* that might, just might, not always be to our detriment!


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