Re: Add GRO Source

Victor Markham

Not quite.

Information comes from local registration offices which sends the details to GRO. Not all details arrive some are missing. The marriages of my mother's two sisters are not in the GRO index. They were married in the 1930's. Fortunately I guessed which church they married in and found the details at the local history centre which has the parish records

Having a copy from the local registration centre is a copy of the full certificate albeit in black and white.

If you visit you will get details of where the marriage took place..register office or name of church in addition to the local register office reference number which is different from the GRO number


On 23/02/2020 4:29 pm, Trevor Rix wrote:
As I don't use traditional sources and citations, I use this method to record entries from GRO indexes. For example, "Q3 1869" for the date; and "Sudbury registration district" for the place. That information can only come from the GRO indexes. That's it -- plain and simple.

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