Unable to open file and file not found FH6.2

leelegs <pauline.mitchell88@...>

I have used FH6.2 for quite some time, although not in recent months. When I came to access the database recently I could access, if required the Sample Project, but if I wished to access my used database what comes to screen is a square box and on the left-hand side of this box is a red roundel with a X in it. The first line of information in the box says 'Unable to open file' and then there are two more lines of information which I recognise as being the paths via which I ought to be able to access the database, but then the last line says 'File not found'.

In other directories not connected with FH6.2 I do have a couple of versions of my database which I can access. I also have an external back-up facility, but I don't know at what date the last back-up was done - something I must give serious thought to. Is it possible, using either the external back-up facility or one of the versions in my other directories to get the information transported to FH6.2?

I'm not thick, but I am not computer literate as far as the inner workings of paths etc are concerned. I am also 78 years of age - so be gentle with me.


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