Re: Add GRO Source

Mike Tate

Hi Steve,

Yes, that sounds good. Presumably you are adding the Citations to the Birth, Marriage & Death events respectively.

There is also a Plugin that helps with that process.


However, if you order the BMD Certificates then a slightly different method is often better.


There was a recent discussion thread in the FHUG Forums on exactly this topic of Sources and Citations and the Add GRO Source plugin:

You can join up for free.


Regards, Mike Tate


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Sent: 21 February 2020 22:14
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Add GRO Source


I'm fairly new to all this, but I created Sources for GRO Births, marriages and deaths, separately. I the create a citation using the relevant source and quote the index data in the citation.

Is this a Good way to do it?



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