Re: Travel fact for an individual or families

Adrian Bruce

I created custom individual events of Arrival and Departure - used depending on which sort of passenger list I had. Not a family event because that really applies only to the couple. 

Remember that all the rich detail that you can get, needs to go into the birth, residence, occupation, etc, events of the people in question - who might not be travelling but are referred to. 

The common data is generally the actual mechanics of the voyage (ship, shipping line, class, etc). Those can either be copied to each person, or you can set up the event once for the head of the family and enter the rest of the voyagers as witnesses to that event. Depends how confident you are with setting up witness facts. 

But all the residence stuff I record in individual Residence facts - querying witness facts is too complex, in my personal experience, for witness facts to be used for basic facts like Residence where I write queries on that type of fact.

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