Travel fact for an individual or families

Colin Hildreth

Kia ora (hi) everyone.
I wondered what fact should be used when travel is neither classed as imigration or emigration?
I have many instances where my relations who were based in India returned to England for several months (similar to furlough) before heading back. The passenger list records that show such details, are relatively as important as say censuses. They have a wealth of information including Name, relationships, dob, prior and intended residences etc, information supplied at the time and generally an accurate assessment of their lives. Relating such information to other known personal details can often be meaningful for suggesting other areas of research.
I have had a play at creating a travel (families) fact. It seems to give me a : travel (with abc WIFE). fact, and a : marr. (abc): Travel. source label.
Ideally I would like to create a fact that covers all members of the family, as a lot of the details are common. Possibly summarising the facts in a note that can be entered to all family members.
Any suggestions or work throughs that people have would be very much appreciated.
Colin Hildreth

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