Re: Getting started - using written family tree

Lorna Craig

As others have said, you can work in whichever direction you prefer.   As the book is laid out "from the oldest ancestor down" and you think it contains 100-200 people I assume a lot of these people are not direct ancestors of yours but great-great-uncles/aunts and cousins several times removed.  So whichever end you start from there will be some 'diversions' when you record branches from which you are not directly descended.

Also, it sounds as if the book deals with just one of your ancestral lines, starting with the earliest known ancestor in that line.  So it might cover (at a guess) 8 generations in that line. But don't forget that these are not "all your ancestors".  If you count yourself as generation 1 you had 128 direct ancestral branches 7 generations further back (assuming there was no intermarriage between cousins) so there are a lot more ancestors to discover!


On 11/11/2020 02:53, Dave wrote:
I have a family book that dates back to the late 1700's and has all my ancestors documented - perhaps 100-200 people. If I am about to begin entering this tree into FH software, can I start with the oldest ancestor and work my way down, or do I need to start with myself and work my way backward?  The book is laid out from the oldest ancestor down.

Once I have all my data in the tree, what are my best options to find missing elements and connect with other family trees?

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