Righting a wrongly enumerated name in census

Lester Gilbert

Apologies if this has been explained before, but can't find the topic currently.

Family SHIPP, recently arrived from Poland in 1890 in Whitechapel, London, were enumerated in the 1891 census as CHIP.  Entirely understandable, but as a result they were lost to view for quite some time (smile).  Two questions, please.

How might I go about getting the official census record changed?

How might I record this information in Family Historian?  I'd like to keep the references to CHIP, and the link to the official census record, as prominent as possible to help others in their search, but want to name my ancestors correctly as SHIPP.  (A little wrinkle is that the 1901 census enumerated the family, still in Whitechapel, as SHIP, I guess Emanuel's diction had improved a little, but I've fudged that, I'm guessing most searchers will know to search SHIP and SHIPP....)

Many thanks!

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