Re: Problems with OneDrive replication


Thank you Jane for your input and I will always try to have disciplined housekeeping on FH6 between my desktop and my laptop. I would have said that I never have FH6 open on both computers at once, but perhaps I did break this rule on 19/01 and 10/02 when the two extra copies were created.I will remember in future.
Mike, I have looked at the Microsoft article, "What do the OneDrive icons mean?" and I am not sure that I understand their descriptions of the two types of green ticks. The blue cloud icon is clear in that it means the file is only available online. The green tick in a white circle icon says, " When you open an online-only file, it downloads to your device and becomes a locally available file" From what you say, this seems to mean that from the first time you open a "green tick in white circle" file it downloads and stays downloaded from then on. The white tick in a green circle, which I have used, seems to leave a copy on the device from the start, even if the file isn't opened.  There doesn't seem to be much difference between these two states so I will stick to the white tick in a green circle version. I have long wished that Microsoft had published a users manual for OneDrive as I have had lots of what-if questions which I couldn't find answers to.
 I have checked the FH settings for snapshots and they are as suggested (5 fast and 3 slow) which should give 8 current snapshots, so why do I have 17 snapshots?  If they continue to pile up, can I safely delete snapshot files earlier than say the last 8, as FH doesn't seem to be doing this?
As I said earlier, I may have accidentally run FH on both computers at the same time on 19/01 and 10/02 when the Chillblast - duplicates were created. Can and should I delete these duplicates and if so at what level in the file structure should I do it so that I don't delete anything used by the original file? Should I delete them in File > Project window, where they all appear?
I do use Carbonite cloud backup, but when I moved the Project files from Documents to OneDrive, I didn't add their new One Drive location to the Carbonite backup list so that shouldn't be interfering. I have left the original Project files in Documents, but they are no longer connected to FH via File>Project Window so also shouldn't be interfering.
My anti-virus is Symantec Norton but I have not read of any OneDrive problems arising from Norton.
I am trying to remember how I copied my FH Project Files from Documents to the OneDrive folder and I think I used a drag and drop although I often use copy and paste. I had to also set up FH on my laptop and I used the FHUG Knowledge Base to be sure I did that correctly. I can't remember whether I transferred the Project Files to my laptop before moving the project files to OneDrive on both computers or whether I let the laptop populate its project files from OneDrive. Probably the former. I have since changed one of my custom queries on the desktop and these changes have not come through to the laptop so I will have to investigate what to do about this. The file these customisations  are in is apparently not being replicated via OneDrive. I only moved the FH Projects folder to OneDrive and not any of the other FH files.
If you can answer my query on safely removing the duplicates I will be very grateful.
Regards, John.

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